• Costa Rica  Coast to Forest

Costa Rica Coast to Forest

Jane Hartley & Liona Nielson x2

13 Nights | 01/02/23

Jane Hartley & Liona Nielson x2

13 Nights | 01/02/23

From the Pacific to the Atlantic coast via cloud forests, volcanoes and colonial cities.

In two weeks you will get a flavour of one of the richest and most varied ecological countries in the world, relaxing white sand beaches and getting your thrills ziplining through the jungle. 

Learn to surf, go whitewater rafting, and spot sloths in the wild on this action-packed 11-day trip around Costa Rica. Created for families, the itinerary is full of outdoor adventures. Start with zip-lining and a dip in hot springs in Rincón de la Vieja National Park, then brave the river rapids in Arenal before moving on to coastal Tamarindo for surf lessons and beach time.

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The price for the arrangements as specified throughout this trip is: £3,400 Per person

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